​"The KickPro pillow design was the result of  thousands of recording hours and messing around with anything and everything inside a bass drum. I was searching for something versatile with a bit of weight but it needed to be easily manipulated and STAY where you put it. This pillow will not move and your bass drum will sound punchy, round and fat.  What a journey :)"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Jon maker of pillows

Abe Cunningham
John Gardner
Matt Chamberlain
Alex Gonzalez
Roy Mayorga

Kenny Aronoff
John Tempesta
​Nate Morton
​Eric "E-Panda" Hernandez
Shawn Pelton
​Jimmy Paxson
Tony Hajjar
​Sean Fuller
​Jason Aldean
Rich Redmond

Glen Sobel
​Michael Barsimanto
Tris Imboden
Carl Palmer
​Kelli Scott
​Aaron Serfaty
Robin Diaz
Bruno Agra
Frank Zummo
​Dave Johnstone
Anthony Tiny Biuso
Ronnie Vannucci Jr.
Michael Leasure
​Wayne Proctor
​Chuck Comeau
​Xavier Muriel
Mike Fasano
​Vincent D' cateur
​Alfonso Andre
Andre "Dre Energy" Boyd
​Michael Miller
Scott Churilla
Roy Gnan
Ty Dennis
​Jayson Brinkworth

Kane Ritchotte
Fred Coury

Chris Dalley
John Lousteau
Mason Amlee
Aaron Kennedy
Dave Halpern
John Tadrick
Joe Rickard

Harley deWinter
Jeff Serra
Aaron Sherer
Mike Nieland
Tom Sayek
Dave Way
Jim Haler
Arthur Scammacca
Alex Metalex
Mariano Lusardi
Dan Murdy
Keith Sorrells
Mike Brucher
Mike Stone
Steve Morrison
Nathaniel Mela
Tanner Robbins
Scott Nelson
Todd Trent
​Luke Adams
Mike Avenaim
Kyle Hoffman
​Terry Bissette
​Donn Bennett
​David Davis
​Ryan Hewitt
​Brandon Iverson
​Don Gunn

Sam Pura
​Matt Hyde
and many many more!!