Alright Jon, got it in yesterday, all good so far. In fact got a compliment from the sound engineer tonight that it's one of the best kit sounds he's had in the venues history! Perfect!

Different drums, different heads, different tuning, different bass drum beaters, different rooms, different mics, different mic placement, different playing styles, different methods of controlling overtones and sustain.I was recently introduced to this product from a friend and fellow drummer. It has peaked my interest. This is not just a pillow - the KickPro is well thought out, well made tool designed to give us one of the best options out there to attain a great drum sound! My hat off to you Jon for all your hard work and a wonderful end result! Cheers!

"These pillows give the bass drum clarity and drop the fundamental a bit so you get a nice low end punch without taking away the tone, and you still get the boom. It doesn't have to touch the head (s) to work making it really versatile."

I love Kickpro, seriously found a great bass drum sound, loosening the heads a bit and putting the pillow against the head. Perfect Balance!
​I recently received my KickPro pillow.  First off, Jon is a great dude to work with.  I use 14" deep bass drums and felt the standard-sized KickPro (17"x11") would muffle my bass drum a bit too aggressively.  Jon worked with me and made my pillow 15"x11".  When in place, the pillow only slightly touches both heads, providing a "gentle" muffling while still allowing a definite note to be heard.  Love the weight and rubber bottom of the pillow.  Very solid feeling and not moving anywhere during a playing situation.  My bass drum lives in a case so I do have to reposition the KickPro each time I set up but that's not a big deal to me.    

Great product and great attention to the customer.  Highly recommended!

I'm running a clear Ambassador batter and the stock smooth white/opaque Ludwig reso head with a 5" hole.  Without muffling, the drum sounds like a tympani (which I sometimes want).  So, even though the KickPro is only gently touching both heads, it does knock out a significant amount of overtones without turning it into a flat thud.    

So far, I've been 100% impressed with the KickPro, and Jon is very communicative and easy to work with. 

Yo Jon!! Put the bigger pillow inside my 23" DW Dude!!! Perfect. And surprised how well it anchors itself​

even moving around in a drum bag. I'm happy to give you a glowing recommendation if desired?? Thanks again. Brother

 OK. I finally tried the KickPro. It’s really cool. Definitely a more solid bottom end. I thought it was just “psycho-acoustics” at first but I swapped it with a normal pillow and the difference was very noticeable. The fact that it stays in place is really important. Other mufflers need constant tweaking. I will have to set this in place anytime I move the drum but once it’s set it’s not going anywhere. Thanks for sending. I will keep using it. I have a string of gigs in December. I will try it live and then write a blog piece on it after then. I’ll send you a link.
Jon.... I used the drum pillow and it was AWESOME the engineer was freaking the F&%K out!!!! R
Alright so Jon was nice enough to let me test one of these. I play a few gigs and it's always a pain moving my towel back to how I had it each gig. Use clear Ps3 for batter.  This pillow eliminates that entirely. Now if you pack the drum up of course the pillow will fall down the drum, but every other movement it stays right in place. That sold me alone. It's not very big and covers the head just the perfect amount for that much needed muffling on this head in my opinion of course.  As for sound, it made my kick very punchy. Not the punch I was getting with the towels only. This has that kick you in the chest type with just enough ring to have good tone. I rested it just touching the batter.  Overall I am very pleased. No velcro needed and it's definitely weighty. Stays put, makes the kick easy to muffle and sounds good. Try one out guys! Mine's been parked inside Matt Cameron's kick all week while we're tracking; his tech said it's the best kick sound he's ever heard Matt have. The only thing we changed was the muffling. He ordered a couple for Matt yesterday...
No matter the graphic design on any of the fantastic KickPro pillows, and there are many great is it's unique functionality as a muffler that creates an EQ to the tonality of the head and a Punchy effect that NO OTHER PILLOW I've ever used does or ever will ...THX JON!!
Played my first live gig with the pillow. I'm normally a "no laundry" kind of guy for my live gigs. Well, that's changed. I used the Kick Pillow in my Tama 24x16 Imperialstar bass drum. Set up with a Coated Ambassador on the reso and a clear PS3 on the batter. The cool thing about the KP is, since it's weighted, its easy just to have the long edge or narrow edge "kissing" the batter head. You dont have to constantly adjust after a couple of songs. You can basically adjust the amount of surface you want muffled. The band really noticed a difference. Loved the "Thump" as they liked to call it.   I have two back-to-back gigs in a week. I will be bringing the KP then also and then a studio session in a week and a half after that.   So far, so good Jon!!!
Yo Jon. Rockin the smaller size pillow n my round badge Gretsch kick.  Have an aquarium head on front that's muffled already.  Ghost of gadd kick tone up in this mother f-er. Thanks to u Jon !! Gonna put bigger pillow inside my DW 23" kick. Stoked. Thanks again !
Hi Jon,
  Finally got to use the kick pillow and really liked it alot. I put the 
smaller one you sent in a 26x14" bass drum that had been wide open (ala 
Bonham) and it really muffled the sound nicely and took away some 
unwanted overtones.  Made it alot more controllable while still leaving 
alot of the low end and not totally squashing the sound. The larger one 
I lend to a great studio engineer here in town named F*3 *^(*^+. He 
before had used the sand bag method in his bass drums for recording to 
add weight to the drum. He said with your pillow already being weighted 
he did not have to use the sand bags and the sound was also better than 
before. I think you have a great product and I will be sure to recommend 
it here!
"It's the organic answer drummers have been looking for!"
Hey Jon,
Got the Pillow a couple of days ago, and I'm blown away! I have it in a 15" deep kick and it's the perfect length to run front-to-back and just touch each head, but also sounds great up again each head individually, or just in the middle of the shell letting the heads breathe while still taming the shell "boing" - I love simple things that work perfectly. Really excellent piece of work you have here. I will continue to spread the word!

"Hey Jon The pillow is really great. I think this might be the best thing out there. For the price of a bass drum head I'm hooked up. Good job! I will be in touch in the next couple of weeks for a couple more. Thank you. Talk to you soon,"